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Gorean Roleplay for the Caste of Physicians

The Caste of Physicians

  1. The Caste of Physicians is one of the five high castes and is designated to heal in ‘a Gorean Home Stone’.
  2. Caste of Physicians membership is determined by any of the following:
    1. Birth into the Caste of Physicians,
    2. Approval to change caste by the local authority based on skills mastered and acceptance by caste.
    3. Companionship for a woman: to companion to a male Physician and take on his caste
  3. Female physicians perform caste work. In general they are only allowed full practice after producing two children for the caste.
  4. The Caste of Physicians is based on a hierarchical system within the cities.
  5. Physicians are trained; an apprenticeship is served.
  6. Those practicing medicine or healing without caste status will not be supported by the Caste of Physicians.
  7. Physicians will be evaluated on an ongoing basis for fitness for Caste based on skills, intelligence and application.
  8. If there are no Physicians are available, emergency First Aid may be applied by non-Physicians.

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