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Gorean Roleplay for the Caste of Physicians

Physicians Caste Codes

  1. Caste Codes apply to the entire range of medical specialties and health services evidenced in Gor where High Castes are present.
  2. It is expected there will be little deviation in the Caste of Physicians Codes between cities with knowledge shared even between hostile cities during the fairs. Enforcement of the codes for the Physicians Caste will be determined by caste brethren and High Council of the Home Stone.
  3. Gorean Physicians share knowledge amongst their own. This is done regularly and a widely accepted practice.
  4. Gorean Physicians do not share Medical Knowledge with others outside the Caste. Additionally, care should be taken in recording and storage of medical information.
  5. Physicians may be employed by those able to fund their services (Cities, Slave Houses and wealthy households) and draw a wage for their employment or collect coin for services rendered.
  6. Medical technology and equipment is sandwiched between the deliberate primitive culture restricted by the Priest Kings and very selective areas of advancement that are permitted. Medicine was one of those areas.
  7. Physicians engage in research and the development of medicines in various forms.  Most notable are the stabilization serum, slave wine, and releasers but a host of other minor and advanced medicines is expected rather than Herbology.  The ingredients should be carefully guarded and only shared with others of the Caste of Physicians.
  8. The essential contribution to Gorean life from the Caste of Physicians is developing and administering the Stabilization Serum, this is made available to all as treatment for the “drying & withering” disease.  It is recommended injections are given mid 20s in the small of the back just above the left hip.  A series of four daily shots are needed with effectiveness tested on the fifth day.  Halting loss of vitality, stamina and age lasts several hundred years.
  9. The demeanor of a Gorean Physician can be described as that of a skilled professional.
  10. When examining slaves basic veterinarian services suffice without the regard normally afforded a Free man or woman.
  11. Physicians are well educated and use refined speech.

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