Teslik & Sip Root Gorean Medicine

Gorean Roleplay for the Caste of Physicians

Introduction - Compendium on Medicines of Gor

The folllowing compendium was developed and compiled by Lady Soraya (Zandra Rauch) and we are pleased to be able to host it on our website.

The purpose of this compendium is to provide physicians and healers with ideas for medical roleplay that derive directly from the Gor books and that are supported by quotes from the books. However, the information provided here is not meant to be a substitute for actually reading the books. Quotes are no more than snapshots. For example, in order to fully understand the context of how an item, such as kanda leaf, is used (who uses it, under what circumstances and the effects that it can have), it will be necessary to dive deeply into the books. The world of Gor is developing and with each new book that is written, new contexts arise. Therefore, I encourage you to use the information provided here as a starting point for a longer journey of exploration where you read the books to find ways in which you can enhance your roleplay.

Many thanks to Aikaterina Marlenius (grumpykat) for her thorough editing of the compendium. Without Aikaterina's insightful, fast and efficient work, this compendium would never have been finished. I am also indebted to Lady Sanny (Sannyke) for her help with publishing the compendium in book form for in-world use in Second Life. 

Finally, words cannot express my gratitude to Dren Bernard and Kaitlin Eiren for their kindness in hosting this compendium on the Teslik and Sip Root website.

The compendium consists of two main sections:

1. Drugs and Medicines

2. Poisons and Antidotes

Each section consists of a number of subsections.

I wish you well and I hope you enjoy your roleplay!

Lady Soraya (Zandra Rauch), Chief Physician and Head of Caste, Port Kamba

1. Drugs and medicines


1.1. Aphrodisiacs




1.2. Dietary supplements




1.3. Laxatives and emetics

Brak bush



1.4. Fertility drugs

Breeding wine

Releaser – see breeding wine

Second wine – see breeding wine



1.5. Contraceptives

Slave wine

Sip root


Wine of the noble free woman


1.6. Disinfectants and antiseptics


Chemical sterilization

Mechanical sterilization

Unspecified disinfectant


1.7. Slave dip


1.8. Sedatives and anesthetics

Anesthetic dart

Capture scent


Tassa power

Unspecified sedatives and anesthetics


1.9. Hypnotic drugs



1.10. Ointments and oils

Priest-king ointment


Unspecified balm

Unspecified ointment

Unspecified lotions/creams/salves/oils with anesthetic properties

Unspecified lotions/creams/salves with emollient properties

Unspecified lotions/creams/salves with healing properties


1.11. Narcotics

Kanda leaves


1.12. Anti-aging and rejuvenation  drugs

Age hastening serum

Rejuvenation serum

Stabilization serums


1.13. Postulants and allergens




1.14. Chemical brand

Chemical brand

Reagent for revealing chemical brand


1.15. Blood transfusion


2. Poisons and antidotes


2.1. Means of poisoning

Fang ring

Poisoned arrow

Poisoned blade (poisoned steel)

Poisoned food or beverages

Poison gas

Poison lock

Poison pellet

Poisoned pins and needles

Poison slave

Poison teeth

Poisoned water supplies


2.2. Flora

Flowers of the vine sea





2.3. Man-made

Poison of Sullius Maximus of Tyros

Antidote to the poison of Sullius Maximus of Tyros

Poison gas (unspecified agent)

Poison pellet (unspecified agent)

Poison powder (unspecified agent)


2.4. Fauna

Cosian wingfish

Golden beetle

Needle fly


Marsh moccasin

Poisonous insects (unspecified)


Sting fly

Tropical fish

Ushindi ost


Compiled by:

Lady Soraya (Zandra Rauch), Chief Physician and Head of Caste, Port Kamba