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Gorean Roleplay for the Caste of Physicians

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We created this site to publish our research into the Caste of Physicians as described in the Chronicles of Gor series by John Norman. Teslik & and Sip Root aims to foster Gorean Medical Role Play in Second Life as true as possible to the books.

These codes are presented as a guideline for those wanting to develop a set of Physician Caste Codes pertinent to their own location consistent with the ancient scrolls: the Chronicles of Gor books by John Norman.

In the writing of this document the following three key concepts were paramount:

Gorean authenticity: the following codes have been written as guidance for those who want to write their local codes for medical practice in a Gorean Role play environment, as close as sensibly possible to the Chronicles of Gor books by John Norman.

Minimal Adaptation From the Books: To role play in SL Gor we cannot avoid needing to adapt information from John Norman books in RP, but we aim to do so minimally and without any change to the core philosophies set forth in the books.

Local control: In these codes, Caste of Physicians refers to each local Gorean Home Stone’s own Caste of Physicians and these Codes maybe adjusted to suit your environment and 'a Gorean Home Stone’ can be replaced with the name of your locale.

Drugs & Medicines

The following compendium was developed and compiled by Lady Soraya (Zandra Rauch) and we are pleased to be able to host it on our website.

Drugs and Medicines

Poisons and Antidotes

Authors and editorial control: Dren Bernard and Kaitlin Eiren on behalf of Teslik & Sip Root.  

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